Marion Rauter (by Nora Theiss ) P1

Being an artist – is a condition that simply is. Or not!
When asked at what point Marion Rauter actually started to paint, she replied that she had always painted. Being an artist – is a condition that well applies to Marion Rauter. Her first exhibitions date back as far as 1991, and since 2001, she has been present in one or more exhibitions every year. Her works can also be found in various public collections.

Marion Rauter's oeuvres can be categorised into three bodies of work. Starting with 'Life Style', followed by the highly delineated series 'Muskelspiele' [Flexing Muscles] and finally her works since 2011. Even though she compiles her works into series, each one speaks for itself.
However, in all her artistic deliberations, the human being lies at the core. Her experience with work in advertising agencies led the artist to become involved with the thematic content of 'Life Style'.
In the course of this, she selected pictures of people in the media and visually processed them.
The surface, the image, the packaging, being so important in advertising, here played a major role. But Marion Rauter does not stop at these qualities.
Her paintings are not glossy or appealing in the sense of being attractive. She simply uses the aesthetics of high gloss media, adds fissures and contradictions and thus subjectively charges them. Her interpretations appeal because they move you personally.

Similar to Marion Rauter, the Swiss artist Daniele Buetti enlisted the use of advertising images as a basis in the 90s, but contrary to Rauter, who finds and expresses a particular language of form and visual aesthetics, Buetti used a physical hands-on approach. Personal vulnerability is intrinsic to both of them. > NEXT