Marion Rauter (by Nora Theiss ) P3

Marion Rauter describes the series 'Muskelspiele' [Flexing Muscles] as follows: "The paintings draw attention to the problem of our body cult. In endeavouring to correspond to their ideal image, many people will not stop at plastic surgery or taking medication and place their health at risk in order to gain the perfect figure. Daily, they drag themselves to fitness studios or have their bodies modelled by their personal trainer in order to be able to flex their muscles under Haut Couture clothes ..." She again thematically revolves around the conflict of external demand for - perceived - perfection and the bodily limits of human beings.

The first Wandersalon [touring exhibition], initiated by Marion Rauter together with two fellow artists, took place in 2011. At this time, her works began to mutate. Whereas she remains true to the formal and stylistic characteristics of her choice of sections and composition as well as the colouring; at the content level, a clear change becomes perceptible.
Instead of medial, anonymous pictures, Marion Rauter now selects photographs as the basis for her works. After photography became available to the general public as a template for artistic confrontation, it was Gerhard Richter who first openly used photography as a background for his work. In contrast to photo-realism, however, he did not merely copy them, but rather incorporated them into his pictures.

With the choice of template, the personal portrait enters the work of Marion Rauter. Initially, for their first touring exhibition, she portrayed her fellow artists and then - one would be tempted to say: finally! - herself.