Marion Rauter (by Nora Theiss ) P2

The visual space created by Marion Rauter in 'Life Style' is anonymous and can be separated into areas, sections and cuts.
The portrayed figures, first cropped in 'Life Style I' and 'Life Style II', then step out of the segments as in 'Life Style III' and 'Life Style IV'. They require more and more space until they fill it entirely, as they do in works such as 'Life Style V', 'Life Style VI' or 'Entfremdet' [Alienated].

But nevertheless, they continue to be completely reduced bodies without any eye-contact to the outside world. The physical separated from the holistic human existence. And the title? 'Bauchgefühl'! [Gut Feeling] An expression that stands for existing and feeling becomes a synonym for the division between body and soul. The continuous fight of the human being in a space is inherent in the works of Marion Rauter.

Hardly have the figures in the paintings occupied the pictorial space with their physicality - 'Entfremdet' [Alienated] - than they are once more forced to the edge. In her work 'Lila' [Mauve], the pictorial space expands into a diffused nothingness and formally penetrates into the human skin. It becomes all-powerful such as in 'Moment' or oppressive as in 'Schöne Geliebte' [Beautiful Lover]. The conflict of the human being in all its vulnerability and defencelessness, exposed to the danger of having to bow to external pressure or favours and having to confront and resist them, are the main topics of this series.
In Marion Rauter's works, we find ourselves as observers. They speak to us directly and they move us. This being moved, in turn, yields emotions, interpretations and recognising. >